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Vertical Air Solutions’ patented air circulation system provides canopies with uniform air circulation while homogenizing the atmosphere in a multi-layered rolling rack platform. Developed by growers for growers. This system provides increased airflow control, by integrating filtration and CO2 delivery for vertical farming applications.




Consistent Airflow Throughout Your Entire Grow

It’s important to destratify any micro climates that are caused by transpiration from plants. Our Air Circulation system allows you to keep consistent airflow throughout every part of your vertical grow.

Air Filtration

Compact by design and essential in function, a disposable filter is located on the supply side of the fan. VAS Air Circulation systems help keep your rooms clean rather than aimlessly blowing around dust, dirt, and debris.

Decreased Crop Loss

Eliminate the risk from potential issues like powdery mold or mildew.

C02 Injection

With a CO² injection port, our air circulation system allows you to deliver enriched air to every section of the crop to help consistently produce high-quality flower.

Easily Integrate

Our Vertical Air System has been designed to easily integrate with other essential grow equipment like mobile vertical grow racks.

Enhanced Crop Yield

Increase the quality of your crop at any scale, by maximizing control over the indoor growing space.

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What Our Clients Say

Read below to learn why Vertical Air Solutions is the leading vertical air solutions company.
Our systems are innovative and customizable, and our clients love our customer service. What’s not to like?

Andrew Stach

Cypress Cannabis

First of all, we are LOVING the VAS system. We’re really happy with its performance, and our room and canopy has never had a more homogenized environment. You can count on us using VAS for every future room we build!

Ian Swift

Head Grower, Fog City Farms

In eighteen months of production, we have never tested positive for a single pathogen from our harvests. And the electricity costs of the Vertical Air Solutions system helps keep our operation efficient and profitable.

Jay Bouton

Head Grower, Culta LLC

We are absolutely loving the Vertical Air Solutions system! It is definitely a game changer and I can’t wait to outfit our whole facility with the trifecta of cultivation technology!


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