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Vertical Air Solutions Announces Cannabis-Specific Hanger Solutions for Transportation and Drying

Santa Cruz, CA and Las Vegas, NV – Vertical Air Solutions is pleased to announce an exciting and innovative solution for efficient treatment of post-harvest cannabis plants.  The patent-pending anti-microbial finish drying hangers with an open design avoid threading newly harvested plants through traditional hangers, thus avoiding damage to plants, and costly waste as bud stems are broken in the process.  Furthermore, the precisely positioned indentations on the weight-balanced horizontal bar allow even spacing around plants for consistent drying.  Finally, those same indentations improve ease of pruning once the plants are dry, to maximize the output and minimize the labor.

cannabis drying hanger - VAS Hanger

James Cunningham, Founder and CEO of Vertical Air Solutions, said, “We could not be happier with bringing this product to market.  We have tested the design repeatedly at Fog City Farms, and have experienced first-hand the improvements both in manpower efficiency, as well as quality and quantity of output.

Ian Swift, Fog City Farms Operations Manager, added, “These seemingly simple products are a game-changer.  Not only does this hanger improve the consistency of our flowers, we combine it with a rolling rack, so our workers only touch the plants once at harvest, and simply roll the rack through the weighing, drying, and pruning process, saving us valuable labor expense.

Availability & Pricing

The hangers will be available directly from Vertical Air Solutions on January 1, 2020, and are priced at $299.50 for packages of 50 hangers, shipping not included.  Further discounts are available for larger quantities.

About Vertical Air Solutions  

Vertical Air Solutions leads the business of providing air circulation systems and related products to the global indoor vertical farming cannabis industry.  With a relentless focus on innovation in improving the efficiency and yield of its customers, and an unwavering commitment to stable and interdependent partnerships in its route to market, Vertical Air Solutions positions itself as a responsible, customer-focused, responsive, and politically and socially involved player in the medicinal and recreational cannabis ecosystem.

If you would like to see the product sheet, please go to our resources page and download it there.

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