Dry Ice Test

Dry Ice Test To Check Cultivation Airflow

Vertical Air Solutions | Dry Ice Test | Cultivation Airflow


Experiment time! Watch as James Cunningham from Vertical Air Solutions, Pipp Horticulture, and Fog City Farms displays the true power of vertical airflow by putting dry ice 5ft below the VAS system. The end-result? Simply astounding! See it for yourself in the video above.

About Pipp Horticulture

Pipp Horticulture is the leading provider of space-saving mobile indoor vertical grow racking systems. All Pipp Horticulture products are made in the USA and easily integrate with other essential grow equipment like lighting, irrigation, drainage, and airflow systems. Reduce your vertical farming costs with Pipp Horticulture’s high-density Mobile Vertical Grow Rack Systems.

About Vertical Air Solutions

Vertical Air Solutions’ patented air circulation system provides canopies with uniform air circulation while homogenizing the atmosphere in a multi-layered rolling rack platform. Developed by growers for growers. This system provides increased airflow control, by integrating filtration and CO2 delivery for vertical farming applications.

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