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Drying Hanger

VAS has developed a plant drying hanger that maximizes efficiency and minimizes loss. See the product sheet here.

Product Sheet

Vertical indoor farming, with stacked trays for double or triple the growth area, has been used for years on other crops in Europe and Asia. It is the best way to maximize yield per footprint and to enjoy year-round production. With the right investments and appropriate care, it will also produce the consistent, high-quality, pathogen-free output that the market demands.

Energy Consumption

Power consumption follows only labor as a top operating expense of any vertical farm.This paper will explore the relative power consumption and related costs between fixed or oscillating circular fans, and the Vertical Air Solutions ducted air circulation system.

How It Works

Vertical Air Solutions is a system that provides canopies with uniform air circulation while homogenizing atmosphere in a multi-layered rolling rack platform. Developed by growers, for growers, the product better controls airflow by integrating filtration and CO2 delivery for vertical farming applications.


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Vertical Air Solutions is easy to install and can be assembled to fit various rack lengths. Its origami metal makes it easy to ship and its pre-finished, powder coated material makes it a durable and indispensible part of any vertical farming operation. 


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