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Industry Leading Air Circulation System for indoor vertical farming

Your Solution To Better Vertical Farming

For brands who value product consistency, gaining control of your vertical grow environment is crucial. Our patented Air Circulation System allows you to be in control of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels which will allow you to have a better product and brand. 

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Increased Consistency

Regulate environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels for more consistent yields.

Enhanced Crop Yield

Increase the quality of your crop on any size scale by maximizing your control over your environment. 

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Decreased Crop Loss

Our Air Circulation System will allow you to maximize risk mitigation due to issues like mold and mildew.

Vertical Air Solutions Awarded Patent for Air Circulation System

We are proud to announce a newly awarded patent for our air circulation system

Consistent airflow throughout Your entire grow

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Its important to destratify any micro climates that are caused by transpiration from plants. Our Air Circulation system allows you to keep consistent airflow throughout every part of your vertical grow. 

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VAS CO2 Injection

CO² Injection

With a CO² injection port, our air circulation system allows you to deliver enriched air to every section of the crop to help consistently produce high quality flower

Air Filtration

Compact by design and essential in function, a disposable filter is located on the supply side of the fan.  VAS Air Circulation systems help keep your rooms clean rather than aimlessly blowing around dust, dirt and debris.  

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Take Control Of Your Environment

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