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Vertical Air Solutions Awarded Patent for Air Circulation System


Santa Cruz, California:  Vertical Air Solutions is thrilled to be awarded a coveted and broadly defined patent protecting our “system and method for providing carbon dioxide and circulating air for vertical gardening system.”  U.S. Patent 10,694,682 B2, dated June 30, 2020,  was granted to VAS founders James Cunningham and Matt Bogner in recognition of their unique invention to provide evenly distributed air circulation to vertical farms.

“We are honored to have our invention fully protected under Federal Law against copy cats and knock-offs that attempt to enter the market”, stated Matt Bogner, VAS’ Chief Operations Officer.  “The years of development, testing, and reiterating have finally paid off.”

James Cunningham, VAS President and CEO, added, “This really is a success story of a technology innovation, invented in a garage, or in our case, a barn, that revolutionizes its industry.  We are proud and humbled by this revered distinction.”

Vertical Air Solutions has been marketing the invention for several years, and has installed the system at over sixty sites in the United States and abroad.  There are additional quotations for another almost 400 sites.  “This is a clear validation of our customers’ confidence in our invention, and in the benefits it provides,” continued Cunningham.  “They backed the right horse.”

Ian Swift, Chief Horticulturalist at Fog City Farms, and an early adopter of the VAS air circulation system, was in full agreement.  “A number of different solutions were considered, but none met our exacting requirements.  VAS offers a unique invention that demonstrably improves yields and profitability.”

VAS air circulation systems are available through a global network of agents and distributors.  Reach us at or at (650)739-3009.

About Vertical Air Solutions:  Vertical Air Solutions leads the business of providing air circulation systems and related products to the global indoor vertical farming industry.  With a relentless focus on innovation in improving the efficiency and yield of its customers, and an unwavering commitment to stable and interdependent partnerships in its route to market, Vertical Air Solutions positions itself as a responsible, customer-focused, responsive, and politically and socially involved player in the indoor farming ecosystem.

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